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by * GLAMCUBES™ | Posted in Reviews,Best Of Beauty,Organizing Tips,General,Lifestyle | No comments yet. | 3684 views on this post

Organize and showcase your Brushes and Makeup Palettes for easy access in our recently Launched Acrylic Organizers.


The Brush Holders vary in 2 sizes and 2 or 3 compartments as well as the lid designs.

Front Open angled lid has 2 compartments (GBH002)


Front open angled lid has 3 compartments (GBH001)

These Brush holders have an angled opening to easily grab and store the makeup brush you need.

With easy gripping 1,5" wide oval handle that is consistent with The Original Glamcubes Organizer Collection.

They sit perfectly on the side or on top of any of The GlamCubes Organizers.


Flat straight Lid Has 3 compartments (GBH001)

These Holders help keep your makeup brushes organized. The acrylic lid helps to protect your brushes from dust and bacteria.



The makeup palette holders are versatile and will fit a variety of vanity combinations.


These cute and elegant Palette Holders feature both wide and narrow slots to fit all palette sizes and hold up to 12 of your favourite palettes.

Designed for you to clearly see your makeup and help you stay organized. Add any of The Glamcube storage organizers to your stash to fit your beauty essential needs.

Your makeup Brushes and palettes can now have a home.
Makeup & Accessories Not Included.


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