Everything You Need To Know About Acrylics!!

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Did you know that there are 2types of clear makeup 

Organizers in the market One being the FABRICATED 

 & the Other being the INJECTED ones?


Today I would like to educate you more about the material of acrylic.

As manufactureres ourselves we would like to offer our customers peace of mind when they are purchasing our products to ensure that they will be satisfied with their purchase.

When you intend buying Makeup Organizers be sure to read through these tips below:

*Difference of raw material

*Difference of Color

*Difference of sharp and rounded Edges

*Difference in sizes

*Difference of customization

*Difference of Price

Let me walk you through the above:

**** MATERIAL ****

The cheap clear plastic makeup organizer are mostly made by polystyrene resin in other words recycled  injection moldings instead of acrylic sheets.You get two types of acrylic sheets:extruded acrylic sheet and cast/lucite acrylic sheet.Which are primarily from petrolium,its price is related directly to the oil price. Our Organizers are all made with high quality lucite acrylic sheet with lifetime gurantee that they remain Crystal Clear.

**** COLOR ****

When it comes to the Clarity/transparency of Acrylic the injected material is quite noticeable of a little blue and green tints compared to Acrylic sheets which are sparkling clear.


Cast acrylic sheets are quite solid and won't change to liquid during production, therefore the edges remain perfectly straight. Where as the injected material is resin thats melted to be runny liquid, then poured into mouldings and once cold the edges drop down because of gravity.                  

Resulting in a little rounded edges.

***** SIZES****

Acrylic organizers are much bigger compared to the injected clear plastic organizers.

Due to the material for the injected units being Polystyrene there is a higher risk for it to crack during manufacturing and moulding. Therefore the size of the moulding are limited because the bigger the sizes are the higher risk of crack for the injected units.

**** CUSTOM MADE ****

With the fabricated choice, you have a chance to customize your units interms of different sizes & colors that are available & not forgetting they can be personalized.

**** PRICE ****

Injected Plastic Units Are:

*low cost 

*smaller in size

* Holds less content.

Fabricated Units Are:

*Custom Made

*Bigger in Size & Thickness

*Holds more content be it makeup, jewelley,perfumes etc.


I hope this helps you'll understand the material better as our most Asked Question regarding Acrylic Organizers is Why are they So Expensive?

Now you know why :)




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