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What are Our Organizers made from?

GlamCubes are made from high quality 1/4" and 3/8" thick Lucite acrylic sheets.Our creative design staff coupled with the latest technology enables us to offer fresh and exciting products which today's stylish customer's desire.

How can I take care of my GlamCube Organizers?

Acrylic is a delicate material and can become scratched from the use of harsh household cleaning agents. Therefore avoid using any cleaning agents, simply use a clean damp soft cloth with hot soapy water & gently rub the surfaces.

Due to the nature of acrylic small hairline glue marks and cracks, bubbles or air pockets may occur during the fabrication process at joints and corners, this is rare. They are NOT considered defects.

What is the reward point program?

To thank you all for your support and to offer future incentives to you we wanted to give something back, this is why we have launched this great Reward Point Program.

Our Reward Point Program is as simple as it sounds. While shopping at GlamCubes™ you will earn Reward Points for the money you spend.
Once earned, you'll be able to use those points to pay for future purchases at GlamCubes™..


How does the program work?

When an order is placed, the total amount of the order will be used to calculate the amount of points earned. Once an order has been paid for and delivered the points will be released and your account will be credited with the value of those points ready for you to spend on whatever you want.
You must login to your account in order to view the status of your points.
During the checkout process you'll be able to pay for your order with your points balance.Please email us on info@glamcubes.co.za if there are any points that have not been released


Will I earn point for shipping fees?

No. When calculating the amount of points earned, the shipping fees are excluded.


How much is 1 point worth?
Currently, for every R10.00 spent  you'll earn 1 point
For example:
          Product Cost:  R100.00
          Value of Points Earned:  R10

Please note, we reserve the right to make changes to the above rate at any time without prior notice. The rate shown here will always be current.


Promote GlamCubes:

1) How much can I earn?

GlamCubes™ affiliate program is free and enables members to earn revenue by placing a link or links on their web site which advertises GlamCubes™ or specific products on it. Any sales made to customers who have clicked on those links will earn the affiliate commission.
Commission is specified upon signing up as an Affiliate.

2) How do I keep track of my affiliate business?

We will supply you with your personal login details whereby you can track the number of approved transactions made from your website.

3) How and when do I receive my money?

At the end of every month we will send you a Statement with detailed information on your referred Sales. We ask you to confirm with us and we aim to pay you on the 10th of each month depending on when we receive your confirmation.

4) What is a Tracking code?
This is the unique code that we insert into your marketing tools to ensure that a purchase gets tracked to you.
5) How frequently do I get paid?
Monthly! For as long as you confirm with us via email or until the contract is terminated.
6) Where do I update my information?
You can simply log into your Affiliates account on our website or send an email to your affiliate manager or info@glamcubes.co.za
7) Can I promote all your Products?
As a GlamCubes affiliate you can promote all our Products.
8)Who do I contact if I have more questions?
Your personal affiliate manager who will be incontact with you upon your registration. Please also feel free to send your queries to info@glamcubes.co.za if you do not have an assigned affiliate manager yet.
9)How long does it take for successful refferals to show up in my account?
Our reports are instant so you will see referral transactions immediately. Remember that these are not always approved as a payment sometimes gets denied but you will get the updates in your reports as and when the transactions that you refer gets paid.
10) How do I see how much I have earned?
By simply logging into your Affiliate Account and We will send you a comprehensive report at the end of every month.

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